Enable supporters to raise funds from the comfort of home.

Opinion Donation is an easy way to convert your supporter’s time into direct fundraising revenue. All they need is a few minutes and a connected device.

Opinion donation

A a new way for supporters to support you on a regular basis without a financial outlay and at a time that suits their lifestyle. Simply add Opinion Donation to your fundraising mix, invite your supporters to opt-in as Opinion Donors and let us drive ongoing revenue and engagement.

“I have really being enjoying participating in the surveys … and our supporters will too!”

Kuben Naidoo, New Business Manager, World Vision Australia

Easy setup. No costs.
No administration.

Adding Opinion Donation to your fundraising mix involves no costs and requires no administration.

Your supporters opt-in to become Opinion Donors. We leverage the demand for opinions from the $70 billion market research industry and your supporter’s spare time in a secure and anonymous online environment. We deliver ongoing revenue and engagement.

Reactivate lapsed supporters

Offer supporters a completely new way to support you that is easy, convenient, has no ask for financial outlay and empowers them to make a difference.

Engage Millenials and Gen Z

The future of fundraising lies in their hands. Offer them a way to support you that talks their language and suits their lifestyle. Think of it as micro-time-donation (more).

Increase ongoing revenue

We pay direct revenue each month for every opinion donated. We drive traffic to your website where you can then expose them to other campaigns.

Collect valuable insights

Add tailored profiling questions, run your own internal research and compare audience profile with industry metrics.

Drive new website traffic

We invite Opinion Donors to participate and then land them on your website at the end, to engage with your ongoing campaigns.

No costs. No administration. Get setup in minutes.


Micro-time-donation involves the regular donation of small amounts of time, online. The concept is especially applicable to Millennials and Gen Z who’s attention span, digital connectivity and fast paced lifestyle demands a new paradigm in our approach to fundraising. We take it one step further and convert this donated ‘time’ into direct fundraising revenue.

We do the work

easy Setup

We build you a dedicated Opinion Donation registration micro-site to share with your audience (and ours).


We work with you on an engagement strategy to build an active pool of Opinion Donors from your audience (and ours).

security settings

We look after all ongoing administration and operation. You set allowable survey topics, length and frequency. 


We deliver surveys to your Opinion Donors, land them on your website and pay you revenue each month.