It’s time for good!


We enable people to support their favourite cause by leveraging the value of their opinions. We call it ‘opinion donation’ and it’s a completely new way to donate.

How it works

We connect market researchers looking to access consumer insights, with supporters of not-for-profits (Charities, Clubs and Associations) looking for new ways to support their favourite cause. The Opinionate platform connects these two market forces and turns everyday opinions into regular fundraising revenue.


Become an Opinion Donor. Turn your opinions into fundraising support by taking short online surveys at a time that suits your lifestyle. It’s easy, convenient, secure and no ask for money.


  1. Select your favourite cause
  2. Register as an Opinion Donor
  3. Participate when convenient to your lifestyle
  4. We pay revenue to your cause.


Add Opinion Donation to your fundraising mix and let us drive new revenue and website traffic. Enable your audience to support you at a time that is convenient to their lifestyle. It is a completely new way to raise funds.


  1. We build you a registration page
  2. We help you recruit Opinion Donors
  3. Opinion Donors participate according to your rules
  4. We pay revenue each month.

Opinion Donation is suitable for any not-for-profit, from global charities with supporters in multiple countries to small clubs with a handful of local members. It works because every opinion is valuable.





About us

Opinionate was founded after a decade helping commercial organisations benefit from the insatiable demand for insights from the global market research industry. Our vision is for every not-for-profit in the world to have ‘Opinion Donation’ in their fundraising mix. We believe the concepts of micro-time-donation and virtual-time-donation are the future of giving. Get in touch for a chat, or register your interest online.